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Welcome to Reinventing My Metabolism.

My Name Is Julie Haigh & I Am Reaching Out To People Like Me Who Struggle With Their Weight.

Read My Story Below!

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As I Got Older & Spent More Time At A Desk, I Started To Put On Weight. It Became Difficult To Lose Inches. Gradually, I Had Problem After Problem, Psoriasis, Diverticulitis, Acid Reflux…

Then I Was Diagnosed As Severely Anaemic. Moving Became A Struggle Even The Simple Act Of Walking Up Stairs Became Difficult.

I Also Had A Severe Pain In My Back Which Was Similar To Sciatica & Made It Difficult To Move Especially In The Mornings.

Gradually With The Help Of My Chiropractor, My Back Improved & I Weaned Myself Off The Medication That Had Contributed To The Anaemia. I Started An Exercise Regime By Doing Yoga.

I Found After A Few Months Of Doing The Yoga That My Knees Were Very Unhappy With The Kneeling & I Was Back To Square One. How To Start To Lose Weight!

At One Point I Reached 15 Stone In Weight & That Was The Start Of My Journey.

So I set Up ReinventingMyMetabolism So That I Could Share My Journey With Others And Inspire People To Take Action

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Do You Suffer From

Crohns Disease

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Do You Struggle To

Lose Weight
Move Around

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Do You Have


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